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Area 1: Climate services analysis and support considering training and dissemination of final results

Work Package  Leader 
WP1 Climate Services – Analysis and Support  Plan Blue
WP9 Training and Dissemination of final results  ICTP

Area 2: Climate experts tier

Work Package  Leader 
WP2 New Climate modeling and analysis Tools   CNRM
WP3 Observational Support and Downscaling Methods   EEWRC


Area 3: Stakeholders tier (Case studies)

Work Package  Leader 
WP4 Climate Services Pilot Case Studies   UEA
WP5 Tourism Case Studies   TEC
WP6 Wild Fires Case Studies   NOA
WP7 Energy Case Studies   IC3
WP8 Integrated Case Studies   CMCC


Area 4: Management and coordination

Work Package  Leader 
WP10 Management and Coordination   ENEA

structure schema