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Click on the icons on the map to get a brief description of the specific case study and to access all the information sheets related to it. 

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Web Applications


Climate Local Information WebGIS on Tourism Index (TCI), Wind Power (WP) and Fire Weather Index (FWI). Open Site

Downscaling Portal

Downscaling Portal for wild fire and tourism studies. Open Site


The webGIS (Oikoskopio) is focused on Greece and it provides high resolution environmental information (land cover, protected areas, etc.) combined with a set of indices related to wild fires (e.g. number of days with high fire risk, number of dry days). Open Site

Cyprus Institute CLIM-RUN Data Portal

The CLIM-RUN Data Portal provides a useful and instructive way for specialists and the interested lay persons alike to gain insight into currently known and projected climate conditions on a global to regional (Mediterranean) scale. Open Site

Data and Figures

LocationCDDCDD LoadCDD RatioHot DaysCons.Dry DaysWSDIMax 1-day rainfallMax 5-days Rainfall
Kyrenia, Cyprus Row:1 Cell:2 Row:1 Cell:3 Row:1 Cell:4 Row:1 Cell:5 Row:1 Cell:6 Row:1 Cell:7 Row:1 Cell:8 Row:1 Cell:9
Larnaca, Cyprus Row:2 Cell:2 Row:2 Cell:3 Row:2 Cell:4 Row:2 Cell:5 Row:2 Cell:6 Row:2 Cell:7 Row:2 Cell:8 Row:2 Cell:9
Nicosia, Cyprus Row:3 Cell:2 Row:3 Cell:3 Row:3 Cell:4 Row:3 Cell:5 Row:3 Cell:6 Row:3 Cell:7 Row:3 Cell:8 Row:3 Cell:9
Pafos, Cyprus Row:4 Cell:2 Row:4 Cell:3 Row:4 Cell:4 Row:4 Cell:5 Row:4 Cell:6 Row:4 Cell:7 Row:4 Cell:8 Row:4 Cell:9
Attica, Greece Row:5 Cell:2 Row:5 Cell:3 Row:5 Cell:4 Row:5 Cell:5 Row:5 Cell:6 Row:5 Cell:7 Row:5 Cell:8 Row:5 Cell:9
Peloponnese, Greece Row:6 Cell:2 Row:6 Cell:3 Row:6 Cell:4 Row:6 Cell:5 Row:6 Cell:6 Row:6 Cell:7 Row:6 Cell:8 Row:6 Cell:9
Integrated case study Row:6 Cell:2 Row:6 Cell:3 Row:6 Cell:4 Row:6 Cell:5 Row:6 Cell:6 Row:6 Cell:7 Row:6 Cell:8 Row:6 Cell:9

Description of metrics: TBA