Project outcomes will be disseminated by means of WP specific Deliverables: D1,D2, D3, D4, D5, D6; by a Final Report and will be directly presented at the final meeting. Some of them are available on this site on the right side of this web site.

Special attention has been and will be payed to the end-user perspective. In order to better account for end-user needs and fulfilment of their desires, a project concept assessment has been performed and a campaign of interview have been realized to understand significant end-user perspective and needs. End-users have been asked to rise problems or address specific questions (not strictly, within the purposes of the project).

In the final conference, results will be presented and end-user satisfaction will be “measured” by statistic indices.

The real success of the project (if any) will be the adoption by public or private entities of the developed methodology to improve their resiliency, security, availability of their services and possibly their performances or business.

An other foreseen result was the improvements of the management of the project test-case (SPC see WPIV) own by DIGITPA. Unilateral withdrawal by this partner before WPIV activity completion did not allow to accomplish the purpose.