Motia Final Conference

9:00 Registration
9:45 Welcome
Session I "Project Presentation"
10:00 Gregorio D'Agostino "Presentation of the Motia Project" ENEA
10:30 Luca Cicchelli "Project Perimetering" TOP-IX
10:50 Enrico Gregori "Interdependence at physical and IP level" CNR-IIT
11:10 Coffee Break
11:40 Luca Silvestri "Interdependencies at Application level" CASPUR
12:00 Maria Cristina Brugnoli "Project concept assessment and exploitation" CASPUR
Session II "The experts point of view"
12:20 Kurtis Lindqvist “IX'es and the Internet in Europe
European Internet Exchange Association
12:50 Antonio Nogueras "Air traffic management moving into European critical infrastructure." EUROCONTROL
13:20 Lunch Break
14:30 Piet Van Mieghem - EWI “Robustness of Complex Networks” TUDELFT
15:00 Bart Gijsen “Building (inter)dependable ICT systems: lessons learned from the DNS” TNO
15:30 Round Table "The future of the ICT as a critical sector: the role of interdependence" Sandro Bologna (AIIC), Bart Gijsen (TNO), Luciano Lenzini (Univerità di Pisa), Kurtis Lindqvist (EIEA), Antonio Nogueras (Eurocontrol), Piet Van Mieghem (TUDELF), Toto Zammataro (Booz & co).
16:30 Closing remarks