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This section contains the lectures held on the occasion of the two “summer schools” of CLIM-RUN Project. The first one was organized by ICTP in 2012, in Trieste (Italy).

The second one will be held in Autumn 2013. Download Lectures »


This section contains the public deliverables (PU) produced by CLIM-RUN consortium and already approved by the EU revisers. Deliverables meant for other programme participants (PP), that do not have sensible data, already approved by the EU revisers are also included in this section.

Download Deliverables »


This section contains all the publications produced within CLIMRUN with link to the articles and or pdf version when available.

Download Publications and Articles »


In this section are collected presentations and posters concerning CLIM-RUN project, produced by the Consortium on the occasions of conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.

Download Presentations and Posters »


This section contains summaries of the main useful products developed thanks to the case studies activity. Links to the information sheets are also provided in the section “Case Studies” , for each specific sectors: Energy, Tourism, Wildfires and Integrated case study.

Download Information Sheets »