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15-19 October 2012 – ICTP, Trieste, Italy

The "First CLIM-RUN Workshop on Climate Services"
15-19 October 2012 – ICTP, Trieste, Italy

The workshop was focussed on the development of, and training for, a new research expertise that lie at the interface between climate science and stakeholder application within the Climate Services framework.

The workshop was run in three parts, the first covering fundamental climate and predictability issues and the last covering specific stakeholder oriented application issues. The central section was focused on a variety of 'cross-over' themes essential for the delivery of climate services.

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Climate Change: Basic concepts

6 Questions
  • Is the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) increasing because of human activities and why should this cause global warming?
  • Is global warming (and other related climatic changes) happening?
  • Is the observed global warming due to increases in anthropogenic GHG concentrations or to natural factors?
  • Are climate models good for anything?
  • What can we expect for the future (climate change projections)?
  • What are key uncertainties?
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Authors: Filippo Giorgi - IPCC, ICTP (ITA)

Regional Climate Modelling: motivations, techniques, illustrations, climate change scenario and uncertainties

Regional Climate Modelling: What / Why / How Illustrations using RCM: Mediterranean and French examples Uncertainty in regional climate change scenarios Concluding remarks and perspectives

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Authors: Samuel Somot - Météo-France (FRA)

Statistical Downscaling: A user friendly portal

Introduction to statistical downscaling Techniques: Weather typing, transfer functions and weather generators. Validation in perfect model conditions The statistical downscaling portal

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Authors: María Dolores Frías - Universidad de Cantabria (SPA)

Climate Services

Providing climate information in a way that assists decision making by individuals and organizations. A service requires appropriate engagement along with an effective access mechanism and must respond to user needs.

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Authors: Clare Goodess - UEA (UK)

Using ENSEMBLES to communicate uncertainty

  • Uncertainty and climate change
  • Case study: adaptation strategy of Provence Region (France)
  • Lab : using the ENSEMBLES database

Authors: Ghislain Dubois - TEC (FRA)

Methodologies for developing stakeholder interactions

A general framework for stakeholders interaction A toolbok for stakeholders engagement

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Authors: Ghislain Dubois - TEC (FRA)

Communication and climate services

Cite 3 arguments you would use to convince a skeptic that climate change is a reality? To which information source would you direct him to turn his mind? Did you ever communicate some climate data/results to non climatologists? With which result?

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Authors: Ghislain Dubois - TEC (FRA)