Work Packages

Relationship among ICT networks and systems. To identify the relationships and boundaries among the different ICT networks and systems.

WP1 activities:

  1. Recognition of ICT networks and systems elements. 1.2 In/out networks and systems relations. 1.3 Set systems granularity level.

Topological properties network structure. To identify relations existing among network elements taking into account physical, geographical and logical dependencies.

WP2 activities:

  1. Identify topological structure.
  2. System elements mapping.
  3. Coupling assessment.

Service level network coupling. To determine ICT critical networks and systems coupling at service level.

WP3 activities:

  1. Identification of Service level coupling.
  2. Identification of Service dynamics.
  3. Coupling assessment.

WP 4
Case study setup. Identification and setup of the Italian case study.

Metrics definition. Definition of metrics to quantify dependencies and inter-dependencies.

  1. Review and analysis of existing metrics.
  2. Definition of a set of metrics for ICT networks and systems coupling.
  3. Metrics verification/validation.

Exploitation of methodologies to EU context and dissemination.

WP main activities:

  1. Round Table with the "End-Users" to cope with different perspectives and possibly tune the project.
  2. Exploitation and scalability of methodologies to EU context.
  3. Conference for the dissemination of the results.
  4. Advertising Project Events, Publications, Official Documents, Deliverables etc
  5. Mantain and advertising present site.