Work Package IV - Case Study

Workpackage description

Case study setup. Identification and setup of the Italian case study: Sistema Pubblico di Connettività (SPC ie Public System for Connectivity)

The SPC is the Italian aggregated system to provide Public Administration Services via a shared interface.
Through the SPC, the user may achieve information on his/her own or other official state with respect to several Italian Institutions, such as: Erario (Taxes/Revenue Department), Anagrafi dei Comuni (City Halls' Office Register), Procure e Tribunali (civil and penal law-courts) and others. Certificate information are made available while respecting Italian laws on privacy and requiring a unique act of protected Registration.
Italian long term plans foresee to provide access to almost all public Acts and Information through SPC.

Four main steps have been accomplished:
A conceptualization of the SCP has been realized by ENEA (employing UML Universal Model language).
A specific language (derived from SysML), named CEML, has been defined and assessed to describe ICT (and others) Critical Infrastructural systems.
A platform for agent-based simulation has been employed to allow simulation of CEML described system
A SPC inspired system has been introduced and a simulation has been performed to evaluate a Quality of Service and the service dependence on the ICT infrastructure.

SPC itself has not been simulated as DIGITPA unilaterelly withdrew the project by October 2011.