Work Package V

The purpose of the present work package is to measure the interdependence of enties involved in the ICT systems.
Several different metrics will be described as resulting from best practice to provide a methodology to quantify interdependencies.

One of the simplest approach consists into the definition of a noolean relation of dependence among enties and analyzing the resulting graph.
In principle, this appraoch can be performed at any OSI level and even between operators, ISP, carriers, enterprices and any other entity operating in the sector. However the project will mainly focus
on the Analysis of dependeces and henceforth interdependences at Phisical, IP and Service Level.

Best practices and inproved methodologies will be assessed and employed to provide quantitative measures of the different service interactions.

The Italian public connectivity system (SPC) was supposed to be deeply analysed to propose possible strategies of evolution to improve the total resilience of the system. Generally speaking one expects resilience reduction to be intimately related to interdependence damping. Nevetheless, such activity has not been performed as DigiPA (SPC owner) unilaterally withdrew the project. The Italian network has been dealt with instead.

WP5 is mostly devoted to Metrics definition; nevertheless their validation also represents an inherent issue. Experts belonging to the Consortium and other types of End-users will be asked to compare results from our studies with their qualitative feeling on the subject.