Work Package VI - Exploitation to European Union Context and Dissemination

All the activity performed within the MOTIA project (apart from Test Case) will be general purposed and devised having in mind the European perspective and demands. WP VI activity will provide evidence of such universality. MOreover it will exploit extention of specific results related to the Italian Test Case to the other European Countries and possibly to the whole Europe. Since Physical Devices and Management Softwares are mostly "off the shelf" products in Europe, one does not expect this point to represent a critical one. However efforts will be devoted to outline possible exceptions to the former general statement.

WP VI is also devoted to project outcomes dissemination. This implies sereval actions such as:
to maintain of this site;
to care press contacts and other forms of advertising;
to favor contacts between the Consortium, other scientific and institutional actors in the field and the End-users such as CERT's and relevant service providers;
to publish 5 Deliverables at the end of each WP activity and a final report on the whole project.

This WP will also estimate the project impact on the ICT Critical Infrastructure protection.

A final conference
will present main outcomes of the project to a selected audience of both political and scientific interest. About 60 partecipants from different countries are foreseen. This event will be held in Rome on March 29-th 2012, just before the end of the project. A Round Table will be part of the event and its outcome will inform the final report.

A mid-term report has been released and it is available at this web site for download.

At the end of each WP a formal deliverable has been or will be released.

A final Report will also be edited and disseminated by different means including publication on the present site and paper printing.