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Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory
Data Access

Data Access

The Observatory has a large amount of data collected by automatic systems or by the staff during scientific expeditions. One of the fundamental tasks of the Observatory is to distribute the data to the scientific community for which over the years has been realized a database climatological through which are today made the majority of graphics on this website. Some of these data, as specified below, they are subjected to validation procedures.

The data that you can request, after acceptance of the Protocol, are the following:

AWSLocationVariables (1)FromToSampling rate
AlessandraCape KingP, T, U, V, D1987-01-012022-10-29Hourly
ArelisCape RossP, T, U, V, D1990-01-222022-11-18Hourly
ConcordiaDome CP, T, U, V, D2005-01-272022-12-31Hourly
EneideTerra Nova BayP, T, U, V, D1987-01-012022-10-20Hourly
GiuliaMid PointP, T, U, V, D1997-12-102019-01-30Hourly
IreneSitryP, T, U, V, D2001-11-222015-03-23Hourly
JennicaTerra Nova BayP, T, U, V, D1999-12-302003-10-20Hourly
LolaSarao PointP, T, U, V, D1990-01-012022-10-26Hourly
LuciaLarsen GlacierP, T, U, V, D2008-12-112021-12-14Hourly
MariaMount BrowningP, T, U, V, D1997-11-012022-10-22Hourly
ModestaPriestley NèvèP, T, U, V, D1989-01-012022-11-26Hourly
PaolaTalos DomeP, T, U, V, D2003-02-082022-12-02Hourly
PenguinEdmonson PointP, T, U, V, D1999-11-262022-12-04Hourly
RitaEnigma LakeP, T, U, V, D1993-01-012022-10-23Hourly
SilviaCape PhillipsP, T, U, V, D1990-12-012022-11-28Hourly
SofiaNansen ice sheetP, T, U, V, D1987-01-012002-11-10Hourly
SofiabDavid GlacierP, T, U, V, D2002-11-282022-10-30Hourly
VirginiaInexpressible IslandP, T, U, V, D2016-01-222021-12-15Hourly
ZoraidaPriestley GlacierP, T, U, V, D1987-01-012022-10-28Hourly
  1. P=Pressure, T=Temperature, U=Relative Humidity, V=Wind speed, D=Wind direction.

RDSLocationVariables (1)FromToLevels
MZS (2) Mario Zucchelli Station H, P, T, U, V, D 1987-01-15 2023-01-31 Standard, All
DOMEC Concordia Station H, P, T, U, V, D 2006-01-19 2023-10-01 Standard, All
  1. H=Height, P=Pressure, T=Temperature, U=Relative Humidity, V=Wind speed, D=Wind direction.
  2. Available in the opening periods of the Mario Zucchelli Station.

Other available data, not undergoing to the "data dissemination" document cited above, can be requested but they need an agreement between applicant and the PI of Observatory writing to

Here is an example of these data

AWSLocationVariables (1)Sampling rate
Concordia Dome C V2, D2, SS hourly
Concordia Dome C All every minute
Eneide Mario Zucchelli Station All every minute (2)
Giulia Mid Point NIV daily averages
Irene Sitry NIV daily averages
Modesta Priestley Névé NIV daily averages
Paola Talos Dome NIV daily averages
Penguin Edmonson Point All every 10 minutes (2)
  1. V2=Wind speed heated sensor, D2=Wind direction heated sensor, SS=Sonic sensor, NIV=Snowdepth.
  2. Sampling is performed only during the opening of the Mario Zucchelli Station.